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I need a doctor!

My research folders are bulging with information now. I’ve sort of decided it would be cheating to look at standard wikipedia pages for the historical figures etc. and I’m trying to put together the information purely from primary sources.  A lot of this project is about me trying to hone my research skills.  So the problem comes because I’m researching areas I know nothing about.

Lets take Sir Berkeley Moynihan:

Sir Berkeley Moynihan


I particularly enjoyed this plaque because he “prized caressing the tissues rather than speed in surgery”.  In the archives there is an embaressment of riches about Sir Berekeley Moynihan and I haven’t even started looking in the medical resources. What I have found out so far is that during World War I he was consulting surgeon to the British Army and when addressing a Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America he advocated a controversial method of treating wounds – carefully clean them, rest them and keep them free from contact with any drug or antiseptic rather than use the Dakin solution that was the main antiseptic solution used during World War I.  What I want to know is why? If only I had a medical degree maybe I could figure it out.  Although probably not.  Maybe I need a medical and history degree to figure it out.