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Back in the Game

Been a bit of a vacation while I travelled the country and then came back.  I sort of have a job now.  Well its part time and I can do it from home so not really a job but nonetheless I have got something to keep me occupied but this shall not lead to my lack of pursuit of blue plaques.  Just yesterday I travelled down the desolate path of the A58 just because when I drove past it last week I discovered that there is a blue plaque on a cool building hidden down there.  Sure it’s now the home of LC Vehicle Hire but still worth a look

The Railway Roundhouse

Bit behind on my research schedule so going to step it up a notch and try and get a proper serious grown up research post done by Friday.


I need a doctor!

My research folders are bulging with information now. I’ve sort of decided it would be cheating to look at standard wikipedia pages for the historical figures etc. and I’m trying to put together the information purely from primary sources.  A lot of this project is about me trying to hone my research skills.  So the problem comes because I’m researching areas I know nothing about.

Lets take Sir Berkeley Moynihan:

Sir Berkeley Moynihan


I particularly enjoyed this plaque because he “prized caressing the tissues rather than speed in surgery”.  In the archives there is an embaressment of riches about Sir Berekeley Moynihan and I haven’t even started looking in the medical resources. What I have found out so far is that during World War I he was consulting surgeon to the British Army and when addressing a Clinical Congress of Surgeons of North America he advocated a controversial method of treating wounds – carefully clean them, rest them and keep them free from contact with any drug or antiseptic rather than use the Dakin solution that was the main antiseptic solution used during World War I.  What I want to know is why? If only I had a medical degree maybe I could figure it out.  Although probably not.  Maybe I need a medical and history degree to figure it out.


So I’m in Wales this week so no new plaques going up this week.  I’ve started the process of researching and I finally appreciate how awesome it is to have access to a University library. The ability to search online journals and records is giving me access to so much in some ways but also so little in some ways.

For example I’ve been trying (without looking at any other blue plaque sites!) to find out a bit more about 18 Park Place

18 Park Place


A basic google search gives you lists of blue plaques and zoopla links.  A quick google of MEPC tells you they are a property company who do developments and refurbishments but that still leaves me nowhere with what actually happened in 18 park place over the years.  Judging by the lack of information I doubt it was a great historical site but this project is making me start to take an interest in social history  I never had before.  Searching the newspaper records you can often get births, marriage and deaths records which gives you a family picture (I’m slowly building that up for Denison Hall) but 18 park place is a blank slate.  I have two pieces of information about it.

Firstly in 1872 it was the branch office of the British National Insurance  Corporation.  Finding information on that organisation is proving tricky but I have found out their policies are now administered by Sun Life Financial of Canada (Lincoln UK).  Now frankly that seems pretty dull.  But when you combine it with the only other fact I know about the building it is.  In 1884 the following advert was posted:

Spinning Hand Looms

Now why would an insurance company require young men to spin hand looms?  Obviously its possible that in those 12 years the building changes hands but still it’s intriguing. So anyway the research process continues but it’s throwing up more questions than answers at the moment.

Project Day One

This is quite possibly going to end up being one of the most boring websites ever made but I need to practice my writing and research so here we go.

Finding myself unemployed (ish), working towards a degree (ish) but most importatly spending every day at home I have decided to do an hours walking around Leeds every day to keep healthy.  Today was day two of walking around so let’s not hold our breathe that this happens every day. However on day one I saw three blue plaques and thought “ooh it could be like a scavenger hunt”.  So today (day two of walking, day one of the ridiculous project) I made sure I kept my eyes open and took pictures of any blue plaque I saw.  Well I seem to have managed to gather a staggering 10 today by accident.  Seems enough to make a really boring blog out of so here I go.


  1. I have to stumble upon them.  I can’t go looking up where they are.  The aim being to cover as much of the city as possible.
  2. I need to take a picture of it and a “context photo” so you can see it from a wider angle.  Going to have to revisit a few from today for that.
  3. I then have to write a blog post about each on of them having done some further research.
  4. Not clear on whether I can take tips from other people about where to go.  So this is less of a rule and more a clarification that this is a murky grey area.  Yeah I suck at rules.


So the one bit I have googled is how manny of them there are.  Estimates seem to vary from 150 to 166 and I don’t want to stay on those web pages too long in case I get spoilers.

Anyway – off we go!