Two years later…

So it seems two years managed to slip me by without me updating this blog. The weird thing is though I never stopped looking for Blue Plaques.  I kept taking pictures of them wherever I went.  Even outside Leeds; I have a whole collection of Wetherby ones! Anyway I think I might be about to get back into writing again. so I thought I’d bring this up to speed.

How have things changed?

Well I’m not longer unemployed but I do have a flexible part time job that’s not too demanding so I still have time to pursue other things. I finished my Masters degree.

I never quite managed the hours walking around Leeds every day to keep healthy but still walk pretty much everywhere in town so I still see a lot of Blue Plaques.

It seems I have 66 of the Blue Plaques of Leeds documented somewhere so time to delve into what they are actually all about!

Oh and some of the pictures I’ve taken over the last two years were taken while on my way past with friends.  Friends who didn’t always understand why I had to stop in the middle of Leeds at 1am and take a picture while people looked at us funny so the quality of a few is murky to say the best.  I mean who knows what this one is!



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