Project Day One

This is quite possibly going to end up being one of the most boring websites ever made but I need to practice my writing and research so here we go.

Finding myself unemployed (ish), working towards a degree (ish) but most importatly spending every day at home I have decided to do an hours walking around Leeds every day to keep healthy.  Today was day two of walking around so let’s not hold our breathe that this happens every day. However on day one I saw three blue plaques and thought “ooh it could be like a scavenger hunt”.  So today (day two of walking, day one of the ridiculous project) I made sure I kept my eyes open and took pictures of any blue plaque I saw.  Well I seem to have managed to gather a staggering 10 today by accident.  Seems enough to make a really boring blog out of so here I go.


  1. I have to stumble upon them.  I can’t go looking up where they are.  The aim being to cover as much of the city as possible.
  2. I need to take a picture of it and a “context photo” so you can see it from a wider angle.  Going to have to revisit a few from today for that.
  3. I then have to write a blog post about each on of them having done some further research.
  4. Not clear on whether I can take tips from other people about where to go.  So this is less of a rule and more a clarification that this is a murky grey area.  Yeah I suck at rules.


So the one bit I have googled is how manny of them there are.  Estimates seem to vary from 150 to 166 and I don’t want to stay on those web pages too long in case I get spoilers.

Anyway – off we go!


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